Top 10 Wellbeing Podcasts

1 August 2019 |

Top 10 Wellbeing Podcasts

Wellbeing is such a tiny word for such a huge, all-encompassing notion. In this selection of our favourite wellbeing podcasts, we cast the inspiration net wide to capture wise words on health, fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, creativity, happiness, courage and inspiration.

Hilarious Humanitarians

Therapy without the velvet couch, this podcast is fronted by psychotherapists and mental health experts Deanna Silverman and Frances Echeverria. Their humorous take on the stigma associated with seeking help to improve wellbeing is a true tonic.

Most likely to say: ‘When it comes to expressing the deep stuff – you can’t beat an emoji.’ Least likely to say: ‘Mental health is no laughing matter.’

Feel Better, Live More

Dr Rangan Chatterjee thinks that health has become overcomplicated. He aims to simplify it, busting many health myths en route. Chatterjee introduces leading experts in each episode who share top tips, advice and healthy life hacks.

Most likely to say: ‘Turn off all the notifications on your phone. Talk to your family.’ Least likely to say: ‘I prescribe neat gin and plenty of it. Cures all ills.’

All in the Mind

This BBC Radio 4 Podcast considers the potential and limitations of the human mind. It covers everything from mindfulness to the loneliness that modern life can create. A perfect thought provoker for your commute.

Most likely to say: ‘Defining purpose in your life will help you along your path.’ Least likely to say: ‘Hush now let’s get that lobotomy booked in. Does 3pm suit?’

Food Heaven Made Easy

Wendy and Jess are dieticians and nutritionists keen to transform your diet while keeping it fun and delicious. Calorie count or detox? What is food shaming? Are vitamins good for you? With special dietary requirements a speciality, this is a must-listen for food lovers.

Most likely to say: ‘Make peace with your food. Live your best life.’ Least likely to say: ‘Ingredients: tub of Nutella and a straw. Ready for the method?’

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Rubin is well placed to wax lyrical on happiness and wellbeing, having written two bestsellers on the topic, The Happiness Project and Better than Before. Her podcasts help you find happiness, tackle anxiety…and remind us to visit family more.

Most likely to say: ‘Can we talk about Game of Thrones yet?’ Least likely to say: ‘I think Oprah and the Dalai Lama were both pretty thrilled to meet me.’

The Couragemakers

Living the life you want to live can encourage a feeling of wellbeing. This podcast for ‘creative and passionate doers, makers and world-shakers’ will help you get there, buoyed by the courage of other women. Tune in to meet a new ‘couragemaker’ each week.

Most likely to say: ‘Multipassionate IS a word. If Shakespeare can coin’em, so can we.’ Least likely to say: ‘It’s a big, bad world out there and you’re on your own. Good luck, byeeeee.’

In The Moment Magazine

How do others achieve wellbeing? Chill out and enjoy the journeys of others in this podcast featuring wellbeing interviews with a different guest each week. Catch up with author Matt Haig, blogger Lily Pebbles and opera singer Laura Wright.

Most likely to say: ‘Today we’re identifying with our inner granny.’ Least likely to say: ‘Increase your screen-time and open more Apps. Refresh, refresh, refresh!’

Magic Lessons

Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast features expert advice and guest wisdom to help you overcome your own creative struggles. Writer Neil Gaiman and snowboarder Amy Purdy have some sage words worth listening to.

Most likely to say: ‘Why should you listen to my advice on creativity? Look at the book sales dahling…’ Least likely to say: ‘Have you read Eat, Pray, Love?’

The Baggage Reclaim Sessions

Relationships – failed and otherwise – can have a monumental effect on our mood and sense of wellbeing. In Natalie Lue’s mood-boosting Baggage Reclaim podcast, discover how to ditch the baggage that’s holding you back, and how to regain your true self.

Most likely to say: ‘Today we’ll focus on living, loving and improving your self-esteem.’ Least likely to say: ‘Can’t hold down a relationship, eh. What’s wrong with you?’

The FitCast

As well as working on our minds from within, what we put in our bodies (nutrition) and how we hone our bodies (fitness) can all, if done properly, help us towards our own unique wellbeing goals. Meet a new expert each week introduced by host Kevin Larrabee.

Most likely to say: ‘Let’s talk about self-care and lifelong behavioural change.’ Least likely to say: ‘Take these pills and read Think Yourself Slim.’ 

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