6 June 2019

AlkaWonder – Awarded 3 Golden Stars “Superior Taste Award” in 2019

AlkaWonder – Awarded 3 Golden Stars “Superior Taste Award” in 2019

The ITI – International Taste Institute – has for the second year in row awarded AlkaWonder with the 3 Golden Stars “Superior Taste Award”. The international jury consists of more than 200 chefs and well-known sommeliers and is recognized as the world’s leading organization dedicated to certifying the TASTE of food and drink products.

Conducted by professional taste experts, ITI has a deep commitment to impartiality and fairness and to ensure objectivity of evaluation. All tests are conducted using a blind tasting methodology.

Depending on the sensory analysis, the products are certified with 1, 2 or 3 stars, similar to Michelin stars in gastronomy. Products with high scores are awarded the ” Superior Taste Award “.

The exceptional taste of AlkaWonder is due to its natural volcanic filtration and passage through geological layers located hundreds of meters deep, accumulating various minerals containing alkalizing compounds on its way to the surface.

AlkaWonder is a premium water aiming to become the preferred choice of those who value healthy lifestyle, innovation and products of exceptional quality.

AlkaWonder was launched in 2018 on strong entrepreneurial values and belongs to the Sam Trade Group, and will be available throughout various sales channels in the US in 2019.



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